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Press Release - 10-15-2014
New temporary portable golf holes

Castle Golf is pleased to announce a new product aimed at temporary installations - custom fabricated portable golf holes. As the name suggests these new holes have the ability to be installed and removed by two people. read more about our temporary mini golf holes

Mini Golf Castleford

Press Release - 01-16-2015
New build in Cardiff, Wales, UK

Latest project now underway in Cardiff, Wales. 36 holes of indoor adventure golf with tropical rainforest theme. The special effects and interactive theme will prove to provide an extraordinary experience to all players! Course is scheduled to open its doors to the public in late March. We invite you to follow the progress here!

Press Release - 02-06-2015
The first indoor mini-golf venue in Wales will open in April creating 20 jobs.

Ever fancied playing a round of golf in the centre of Cardiff?

Well from April that’s exactly what you can do when the first indoor mini-golf venue in Wales ‘tees off' at the St David’s shopping centre.

Customers will have the choice of playing the Tropical Trail and Ancient Explorer, designed and built by leading American specialists Castle Golf. Both courses will feature sound and lighting effects together with exciting feature scenes.

Read more (link to

Press Release - 10-14-2014
IAAPA Attractions Expo

Castle Golf will be attending the IAAPA Attractions Expo. The not to be missed trade show runs from Nov 18-21, 2014 at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. We look forward to meeting you at booth number 2664.

Mini Golf Castleford

Press Release - 01-23-2014
Englands's VOLCANO FALLS opens

Castleford, England’s VOLCANO FALLS miniature golf opens and captures a huge audience of players during the Christmas and New Year's holidays. If you have been following the construction of James Miller’s two exciting courses, you will find these photos showing the completed course of great interest. The special effects and the quality of play are great complements to a dynamic visual appearance shown in these photos.

Mini Golf Castleford

Press Release - 11-07-2013
New Castle Golf Course - Castleford - UK

It seems inevitable that a Castle Golf miniature golf course would eventually be located in Castleford, England. It is now underway as Castle Golf is building two 18-hole indoor courses for James Miller. The multilevel courses, with their Volcano Island theme, will feature special effects such as a volcano that erupts and rumbles, sounds and lightning flashes that highlight the dinosaurs and creatures inhabiting the island.

You are invited to follow the construction progress as we update the photo files over the coming weeks. Castleford Golf Project

Mini Golf Castleford

Press Release - 11-05-2013
IAAPA Attractions Expo 2013

Castle Golf will be attending the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2013 show - booth #2630....and welcome all attendees interested in the family fun attractions such as miniature golf, go-kart tracks, bumper boat ponds and park layouts designs.

iaapa expo 2013 November 19-22, 2013,
Orange County Convention Center - Orlando, FL

Link to website

Press Release - 08-13-2013
Help-u-Build expands into the Phillipines

Castle golf's international presence continues to expand under our Help-u-Build program. The newest expansion is into the Asian market for a new miniature golf course in the busy tourist area of Puerto Galera in the Philippines. Shown in the photo is the owner, Al Elliot discussing his vision with Tod Thornton, Castle Golf principal and designer

Tod Thornton

Press Release - 07-18-2013
New Castle Golf Course, The Lost City, Nottingham, UK

Latest project now well under way at The Corner House in Nottingham, England. 36 holes of indoor adventure golf with 'Inca' themeing, special effects and interactive features. The Lost City opens for rediscovery in August 2013. Read more and follow progress here - The Lost Inca City

Lost City Mini Golf Nottingham

Press Release - 05-01-2013
New Castle Golf Course, Belmont Park, San Diego

NOW OPEN - CHECK OUT THE VIDEO Belmont Park in San Diego is about to get its newest attraction, a Castle Golf interactive 18 hole miniature golf course. The course will be owned and operated by James Austin who also owns and operates several other Belmont Park attractions and arcades. The course, scheduled to open in June, is a very unique “in and out” course, Tiki Town Adventure Golf. The course has a tropical island theme, enhanced by a variety of exciting special effects as it weaves in an out of a building which once housed gift shops, children’s activities and a police station. Read more and follow progress here

Press Release - 04-03-2013
Castle Golf builds in Robin Hood country

Castle Golf is assembling its construction team and fabricators to begin construction in Nottingham, UK. Castle Golf is scheduled to begin work May 1 on this 36-hole indoor miniature golf course. The course will appeal to all ages by virtue of its interesting play and interactive adventure environment called LOST CITY, set in the ”overgrown tropics” of Nottingham. This will be the second project to be built for Barry Hobson, owner of Pirates Adventure in Belfast ( We hope you will check back to see progress of the course during construction.

Press Release - 04-03-2013
Castle Golf’s International Outreach Grows

Castle Golf has expanded its reach further into Asian market, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The developer of this project, Anh Ho, is making plans for an American style BBQ restaurant surrounded by two 18-hole indoor miniature golf courses. She visited our offices in Arizona several weeks ago to meet and discuss how we would work together. As many of you know, Ho Chi Minh City has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Anh Ho fell in love with American food during her years as a university student in California and miniature golf as an exchange student in Florida

Press Release - 02-04-2013
Does your mini-golf need a remodel?

Castle Golf has added a descriptive new information item in the “Building A Course” section of its home page tabs. This article raises questions about when, why, and how to remodel an existing course. It also provides two examples of very different recent remodels, from a large course remodel to a modest small course makeover and expansion. Click here to view.

Press Release - 12-12-2012
Tod Thornton visits UK Sites.

"Tod Thornton has been spending a few of his Holiday days in the UK on site visits to pending projects to discuss various site questions. He is meeting with Castle clients to discuss how Castle Golf will address their design interests as well as sort out the construction requirements of specific sites. He has found it a bit colder than Arizona....we trust he took his cold weather gear with him."

Press Release - 11-14-2012
Opening Day - IAAPA 2012

First day has been busy on the Castle booth (2629) at IAAPA 2012.

castle golf at Iappa

miniature golf developers

Press Release - 08-27-2012
Bumper Action Amusements Australia And Castle Golf USA Partnership

Melbourne’s Bumper Action Amusements announced today that the company has inked a leisure entertainment partnership deal with Arizona’s Castle Golf to design and build miniature golf courses across Australia. read more here

bumper action amusements

Press Release - 08-20-2012
Castle Golf remodels Frankies Fun Park

Castle Golf has recently completed a remarkable make-over as you will see in the photos of the 54-hole miniature golf course at Frankies Fun Park in South Carolina.

After a comprehensive site visit of all the key parties; the owners, Castle Golf owners and Sceneworks, a plan was hatched that was completed several weeks ago. The outcome is spectacular remodel shown in new photos. To read the full story and see the new course images click here

remodel mini golf course

Press Release - 06-19-2012
Castle Golf to oversee construction at Mt. Sunapee Resort.

Castle Golf’s project management team will be overseeing the construction of the new miniature golf course at Mt. Sunapee Resort. The use of Castle Golf’s Help-U-Build program is another example of Castle’s flexible approach. This enables an owner to have a very cost effective miniature golf course build-out. The program enables each situation and its unique circumstance including, owner resources, and critical time schedules. This course will be part of the newly expanding Adventure Park at this exciting and very popular resort near Newbury, NH. Castle wishes to acknowledge the outstanding and gracious administrative team that we were privileged to work with as we developed the details for the 18-hole course design. Castle’s project management and participation in the construction of this course means that Mt. Sunapee Resort will have a course that is fun to play for the whole family, and one in which the Castle standard of quality will be evident for many years to come.

Press Release - 03-06-2012
Greenhouse Golf in Wyckoff set to open.

Greenhouse Golf, in Wyckoff, New Jersey is about to open its doors to the public. The concept of Golf For All Ages within a weather controlled environment is at the heart of this FEC.

Further information and more photos in the gallery

indoor miniature golf course builders

Press Release - 03-06-2012
Castle Golf remodels Frankies Fun Park

The remodel of the miniature golf course at Frankies Fun Park in Columbia, SC, is now well underway. In addition to a number of new and refreshed theme structures, Castle Golf is also building a number of new golf holes and add the famous Castle Golf Perma-Curbs through the course.

miniature golf course designers

Enjoy more photos in the gallery and see what we might do for your own course remodel.

Press Release - 01-01-2012
Castle Golf announces new project at the start of 2012.

Castle Golf has begun a dramatic remodeling of the miniature golf courses at Frankie’s Fun Parks near Charleston, South Carolina. The vast majority of the 54 golf holes on the three 18-hole courses are being rebuilt. In cooperation with Sceneworks, Inc., the coastal scene structures are being revamped, refreshed, and new ones added. This grand revision has as its target a major increase in revenue in the next year to bring income in line with that of the other Frankie’s Fun Parks in South Carolina.

Press Release - 11-16-2011

We are at the IAAPA Trade Show, Orlanda, Florida. Nov 15-18, 2011

castle golf

Press Release - 10-27-2011

Rainforest Adventure Golf in Dublin, Ireland, opened its doors to the public this October, bang on time after a 3 month build. Players may well consider themselves truly lost in the rain forest here, with rain effects, thunder and lightning, birds and cicadas and even capuchin monkeys putting in a surprise appearance from time to time! In July, the venue was just a large, open indoor space. Three months later and it's a rain forest, with Aztec temples, dense foliage and 36 holes of themed Adventure Golf.

Press Release - 9-1-2011
Dublin, Ireland.

Work is now well underway in Dublin on the 36 hole, indoor Adventure Golf complex at Dundrum shopping centre. Work began in July and the Rainforest Adventure Golf centre hopes to open it's doors in October.

indoor adventure golf course in Dublin

Press Release - 7-13-2011
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Some of the first photos are now on line for you to view of this most spectacular 36 holes of miniature golf being added to On The Green Indoor Golf in Tecumseh, Ontario. We have made those photos available for you and we are sure that you will agree. The Miniature Golf on the Water courses will feature animated pirate shows aboard the pirate ship, a towering tree house, two caves with cascading waterfalls, and a giant pirate skull among other exciting sites and adventures. For more details visit the web site at You can have your own adventure by following construction progress here on the Castle Golf web site.

Press Release - 7-13-2011
Dublin, Ireland

July 2011 and work is about to begin on a new 36-hole indoor Adventure Golf complex in Dublin. Located at the Dundrum Shopping Centre, this award winning location already boasts the award for Shopping Centre of the Year 2009 and International Shopping Centre of the Year 2006. The home of the Mill Theatre and multi-screen cinemas, the site is already firmly established as one of Dublin's key leisure, restaurant and shopping destinations and this new exciting development, with a rain-forest theme, is sure to enhance it's attraction still further. It is planned to fully complete construction in three months, opening mid-October, well in time for the Christmas rush.

Press Release - 7-12-2011

New Course Under Construction in Oregon

Soon to be complete, this new 18-hole course currently under construction near Wallowa Lake in Joseph, OR, will offer a spectacular playing experience under the pines at the Matterhorn Swiss Village. This new addition to this very active and scenic tourist area of Northeast Oregon promises more great activities for the huge number of visitors and tourist that spend time in the local hotels, campgrounds and cabins. Castle Golf is delighted to be developing this with the Gwen and Mark Thornberg, using our Help-U-Build model. Mark loves to climb on his back hoe and work along side the on-site Castle Golf construction team headed up by Bob Black, Project Manager.

"We absolutely LOVE the course. The guys are just super to work with and we are having a great time! The whole crew is working really hard to get the course in a soon as possible. We really appreciate them!!!!"

Press Release - 6-1-2011

Castle Golf collaborates with Civitan to build Mini-Golf

Castle Golf was very privileged to work with a local non-profit service organization, Civitan, to design and build a 9-hole miniature golf course for children and adults with assorted disabilities. Civitan’s mission is to provide a week of relief for parents and caregivers that have daily responsibility for caring for disabled children. The “camp”, located in the mountains of Northern Arizona, provides care, supervision, dining, dormitories and a growing number of recreational facilities for the boarders. The “camp” brings a good bit of joy and fun to go along with a great socializing opportunity and a break for parents and family members.

Press Release - 2-9-2011

Pirates of Penzence it is not, but Pirates of Hastings, yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum….yes, the newest addition to Chris Richard’s Adventure Golf courses is about to open on Hastings seafront. Castle Golf is putting the finishing touches to another very exciting course in the UK.

read more....

outdoor mini golf course England

Press Release - 2-9-2011

Visitors to Wallowa Lake State Park will find a new attraction this summer when they visit the Joseph, OR, area. The owners of Matterhorn Swiss Village, Mark and Gwen Thornberg, and Castle Golf are working together using Castle Golf ‘s Help-U-Build program to design and build a new 18-hole miniature golf course with an Swiss Alpine theme to carry out the scenic appearance of this beautiful region

Miniature Golf Course Designers

Press Release - 2-8-2011

Visitors to Windsor, England, home to the marvelous Windsor Castle, will soon be able to enjoy one of the Castle’s new miniature golf courses. Castle Golf is currently putting the finishing touches on the design and construction documents for this 18-hole minigolf course which will be added to an existing amusement facility.

Developing Mini Golf Course in Windsor

Press Release - 2-7-2011

CASTLE GOLF begins construction at WASHINGTON FAMILY RANCH, one of the newest facilities about to be completed by Young Life. Castle’s Project Managers have been on site beginning in February to start construction on and unusual (one of Castle Golf’s specialties) indoor miniature golf course. Washington Family Ranch is located near Antelope, Oregon, about 100 miles southeast of Portland. This project required extensive and detailed collaboration between the building designer/architects and the Castle Golf design department, as the course is indoors and entwined with a rugged mining look reminiscent of the area’s past. Young Life’s adventure camps are dedicated to helping kids find hope and purpose for their life by reaching out to them in North American and across the globe. To learn more about Young Life you may visit and read their statements of mission and faith and find their locations.

Press Release - 2-6-2011

BREAN LEISURE PARK, Southwest England’s largest family amusement park, is about to become the latest and newest operator of a Castle Golf designed and built miniature golf course. This will miniature golf course will expand their numerous and exciting assortment of family attractions, rides, shows, food and other facilities. Castle Golf’s project manager, Bob Black, and his team began site work last week. Completion of this 18-hole miniature golf course is expected in about two months. For more information on this great amusement park, visit and make a reservation.

Miniature Golf Course Development

Press Release - IAAPA 2011

Meet Castle Golf in November 2011 at the IAAPA trade show. We will be in booth #2629. This great trade show has everything from wristbands to roller coasters. Learn more about the trade show by visiting the web site, , for details, dates and housing arrangements.

expo2010 November 15-19 2011
Booth #2629

Castle team ready for business at the start of 2010 show

Press Release - Hastings (UK)

Hastings has long been the definitive site for Miniature Golf in the UK with three, 18-hole courses. The oldest course, Minigolf is now receiving a major make-over and will become Pirate Golf for 2011. Using the design team successfully employed in so many other venues, the plan is to maintain Hastings' position as the premier seaside Minigolf location in the UK

another development by Castle Golf

Press Release - Provo Beach Resort

When the owners of The Shops at Riverwood in Provo, Utah, went looking for a company to build out a new family attraction inside Provo Beach Resort, a multi-level, multi-activity family entertainment center in Provo, Utah, they first made contact with several design firms who struggled to put together this unique concept. Sure, it was a bit unusual, but the owners had a novel idea that they wanted to test. When they came to Castle Golf, they found a company used to doing unusual custom work that could take their experience building miniature golf courses and apply it to this mystery attraction.

Press Release - BOWL EXPO 2010

BOWL EXPO 2010 is coming soon to the Las Vegas Convention Center and Castle Golf will be there. The dates of the trade show aimed at the exciting Bowling Center business are June 27 through July 2.

Burdette Bremer, Castle Golf’s Director of Marketing will there to meet with the growing number of Bowling Center operators that are adding indoor and outdoor miniature golf courses.

Check out for details.

Press Release - Roswell

Castle Golf has recently begun another major renovation of a 36-hole miniature golf course at the Roswell Town Center in Roswell, GA. The former fun park and entertainment complex had also included a go-kart track and batting cages in the outdoor components of the center. These two attractions have been demolished in order to expand the parking and create a more attractive plaza area to complement the remodeled miniature golf courses and entrances. Other elements of the complex such as the movie theaters, restaurant and game/arcade are being retained to make this a renewed family fun destination.

Press Release - Eldrdige Park

Castle Golf and the Preservation Board of Eldridge Park in Elmira, New York have formally agreed to work together to develop a dynamic miniature golf course with waterfalls, water shot holes, and an exciting Victorian look consistent with the redevelopment of this classic and historic park. The park project is especially extraordinary because of the tremendous community effort and contributions to making it all possible. As you can see in this photo, the site prep work is underway. This very exciting concept is targeting a Memorial Day opening. For more about the Eldridge Park Preservation project, you may check out

Eldridge Park Mini Golf Course

Press Release - IAAPA SHOW

Castle Golf at Iaapa show
Nov 09

Castle Golf attended IAAPA , The International Amusement Parks and Attractions trade show, Las Vegas, Nevada Convention Center.

more pics from the show...

Press Release - New England Tour

Castle Golf to Visit Facilities in the New England Area
Castle Golf’s marketing director, Burdette Bremer, will be visiting the Northeast United States as part of a schedule to meet with existing facilities built by Castle Golf as well as meet up with new clients and prospects. The ten day trip begins Sept. 15 with a start in Philadelphia, PA and a departure later from Providence, RI. If you have a site and a serious interest, contact Castle Golf to see if Burdette might be able to meet with you.

Press Release - Bristol Project in UK Completed

Bristol Indoor Mini Golf Course

Castle Golf is pleased to have completed construction on the Bristol UK Project!

read more....

Press Release (October, 2010) - CASTLE GOLF AT IAAPA 2010 TRADE SHOW

Meet Castle Golf in Orlando in November at the IAAPA trade show. We will be in booth #4249. This great trade show has everything from wristbands to roller coasters. Learn more about the trade show by visiting the web site, , for details, dates and housing arrangements.

expo2010 November 15-19
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL, U.S.A.


The Castle Golf team from the U.S. and Europe will be on hand in Booth 2044 at the International Amusement Parks and Attractions trade show in November at the Las Vegas, Nevada Convention Center. We hope to see you there. You can find out more about this giant trade show by visiting the web site, .

Castle Golf at Iaapa

Press Release (September, 2009) - Castle Golf to Visit Facilities in the New England Area.

Castle Golf's marketing director, Burdette Bremer, will be visiting the Northeast United States as part of a schedule to meet with existing facilities built by Castle Golf as well as meet up with new clients and prospects. The ten day trip begins Sept. 15 with a start in Philadelphia , PA and a departure later from Providence , RI . If you have a site and a serious interest, contact Castle Golf to see if Burdette might be able to meet with you.

Press Release (July, 2009) - Castle Golf assist the Nehemia Network

Castle Golf was privileged to assist the Nehemiah Network with the addition of a miniature golf course to the Palabra de Vida youth camp in Guatemala. Nehemiah Network organized seven volunteers who were responsible for building 18-holes of Castle Golf designed miniature golf. Working in hot sun, they managed to lay out and build all the golf course holes in two weeks. The Guatemalan staff continued the project to completion. The camp offers an opportunity for 1,000's of young people of all ages to experience the time of their lives. The camp is about 20 miles north of the border with El Salvador and attractions such as mini-golf make this youth camp unique and an attractive opportunity. More information can be found on their website: Word of Life Fellowship has 81 camp locations around the world providing wholesome recreation for today's young people. Nehemiah Network hopes to help build additional miniature golf courses at their other camps around the world. For more information contact:
Caslte Golf Press Release

Castle Golf Press Release

Castle Golf Press Release

Castle Golf Press Release

Press Release (June, 2009) - Castle Golf at the Professional Bowlers Trade Show

Castle Golf will be at the Professional Bowlers Trade Show the week of June 22 through 26 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV. This is especially timely because we are currently working on two outdoor miniature golf projects linked to Bowling Centers in Michigan and Utah. Please stop by Booth 1124 if you are planning on attending.

Press Release (April, 2009) - Southlanes Bowling Center, Three Rivers, MI.

Castle Golf, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Southlanes Bowling Center in Three Rivers, MI. to design the addition of a new outdoor 18-hole miniature golf course. Construction is expected to begin in May, 2009 in time for the summer season and adding summer revenue to Southlanes.

Southlanes Bowling Center Mini Golf

Press Release (April, 2009) - Design Agreement with Sparetime Family Fun Centres, Roy, UT

Castle Golf, Inc. is pleased to announce the signing of a design agreement with Sparetime Family Fun Centers of Roy , UT. The outdoor attractions will complete the exciting new Sparetime Bowling Center in Syracuse which recently opened. Planned attractions include an elaborately themed 36-hole miniature golf course, go-karts, bumper boats, and batting cages. Initial design work will be completed in May and construction planned to follow soon thereafter. Director of Marketing, Burdette Bremer (center) is shown with the Vorwaller family, owners of Sparetime during the Fun Expo in Las Vegas

Sparetime Family Fun Center - Mini Golf

Press Release (April, 2009) - Build Contract signed for new 36 hole indoor Golf Complex, Cabot Circus, Bristol, UK

Castle Golf, Inc. pleased to confirm Build Contract signed for new 36 hole indoor Golf Complex, Cabot Circus, Bristol, UK.

Miniature Golf at Catot Circus - Bristol
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