Locations of Castle Golf Miniature Golf Courses

International Miniature Golf Course Designers, Builders and Contractors

For nearly forty years, Castle Golf has been the premier designer, builder and contractor of profitable miniature Golf courses.

Though best known for our high quality miniature golf courses, Castle Golf can also provide site layouts, design, and construction for nearly all family fun center attractions such as go-kart tracks, batting cages, bumper boat ponds, and plaza areas. Our unmatched quality and attention provides our clients with a competitive advantage in the family entertainment industry.

Castle Golf has designed and built miniature golf courses and family fun centers throughout the United States, the United Kingdom and other international locations. The family entertainment industry is a fun and financially rewarding business to be in, and you want a developer with the track record to get you there. Our quality approach and highly experienced staff know how to design and construct facilities that will deliver many years of low costs and high profits.

The only way to avoid the numerous potential pitfalls and create a thriving business in the family entertainment industry is to use and experienced designer and builder. With almost forty years of successful design and construction, Castle Golf is your choice for quality and reliable results.

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