help u build miniature golf course

Help U Build A Miniature Golf Course

Castle Golf's Help-U-Build Program is designed for the owner that:

  • Has a limited budget
  • Desires a quality playing course
  • Desires quality construction of the basic elements
  • Wants to complete the course with local resources
  • Needs a custom design for a specific location

Until now if you wanted Castle Golf quality, playability, and durability in a miniature golf course, you needed to hire Castle Golf to design and build a turn-key project. Because of the many requests we are receiving from prospective owners wanting to be involved in their project and use their own efforts and local resources, we are presenting the Help-U-Build program to keep mini golf course costs low.

We believe that the fundamental elements are those that cannot be changed and are critical to the playing characteristics of your course. These elements are:

  • Fairway and green design, forming, and shaping
  • Earth shaping as required by your topography and plan
  • Integral water features; i.e. rockscape, waterfalls, ponds, rivers & fountains.

These elements are also the most difficult for the typical contractor or owner to complete.

Other components can be added, changed, and revised by the owner as time and budget allow Examples would be electrical, irrigation, landscaping, theming, lighting, and fencing. Castle Golf can advise on, and complete some of these jobs as you like, such as conduit and irrigation hot lines.


Q. Can you elaborate on this program?

A. The answer is found in the roots of this concept. We noted some years ago that there were prospective clients who wanted the quality and style of Castle Golf designed courses and had limited budgets. We determined that you could divide the course construction into two basic components . These are the critical permanent portions , those elements made of concrete and steel. When not correctly done, they are very difficult to change . Specifically, the golf course hole “fairways” and commonly the “ponds and rivers” fit this category. The other portions are changeable such as lighting, landscaping, trim, theme structures, etc. and are therefore, less critical.

Think of it as like baking a birthday cake and then adding the decorations. Get the cake right and people will eat more than one slice.

Castle Golf will provide the suppliers and, whenever possible help you get the best prices for carpet and balls, putters, etc. Another way to look at it is that Castle Golf will come along side you and help you with getting your course built when budgets are tight.

Q. How would this work?

A. Castle Golf will develop a complete set of construction documents as we always do. These plans become the basis for applying a cost to construct. They also describe what the various components of construction include. At this point the client, through discussions with Castle Golf, can determine what they can contribute to the project. This is somewhat like a “sweat equity” program that has been used in some home construction.

Q. What does it cost for a Help-U-Build course?

A. The cost to build a miniature golf course can vary because of the resources the client can contribute to the project. Sometimes family members have skills or experiences that can help reduce your costs.

Perhaps you have a friend with whom you can make trade. Possibly you are a landscaper, or like to build structures to be added, or can install the carpet.

Design characteristics will also impact mini golf course costs.

Q. Will it save us money?

A. Yes, it could. But again, it depends upon how much you can contribute and what the hard costs will be. You may choose to use an overhead lighting program with floodlights, a less costly approach that the usual Castle Golf standard approach. We will provide the appropriate electrical plans for your use.

Or perhaps you have the ability to install retaining walls should the design require these. Essentially, the cost to build a miniature golf course will vary based upon what you wish to accomplish and what needs to be given to us.

Q. What if we want to add our own theme structures?

A. We have had that happen. There is an example on the web site under Help-U-Build of a course in Delta, CO. Not only did the owner build some “western” theme structures during the winter, he also inserted his own rustic ropes and poles in the spring prior to opening.

Q. How many variations are there?

A. There are many subtle possibilities. For instance, instead of using Castle Perma Curbs, you might like to glue your brick pavers around the edges of the golf course holes.

Because of the many nuances, we recommend a telephone call and a good conversation.

Think of a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being you designing and building from scratch, to a 10 in which Castle would do a complete turn-key project. Within reason there is probably some place along that continuum that could work for both of us.

Contact us to Help U Build your miniature golf course.

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