PRESS RELEASE: 12-07-2017

New Build: Belfast, Northern Ireland

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NI-based Best Constructors Ltd and American specialist miniature golf developers, Castle Golf, are helping to create The Lost City Adventure Golf at Cityside, Belfast

Set to be the first indoor adventure golf course in Northern Ireland when it opens its doors this December, The Lost City Adventure Golf (TLCAG) is bringing together the best of local and international expertise as part of its £ 1.4m investment in the economy.

Best Constructors Ltd, a Whitehead–based international themed-construction company, has been appointed to build the elaborate entrance and exterior façade of the new visitor attraction located at Cityside Retail and Leisure Park.

The Best team is working alongside Arizona-based Castle Golf, which is responsible for the interior design, build and special effects of the new themed indoor adventure golf course.

Having built for numerous international clients over the last 20 years such as Universal Studios, Disney, BBC, Nickelodeon and LEGOLAND, Best Constructors will bring a premium-quality themed construction to The Lost City Adventure Golf in Belfast.

Best Constructors owner and founder, Grenville Redmond, said:

“The entire design is of the highest standard. Details on both courses have been so well-considered by the owners, including the facades and entrance for which we are responsible. Using specially developed materials, our team have designed, sculpted, moulded, plastered and scenic-painted the façade and features to emulate the rich stone architecture synonymous with this ancient Lost City.”

Best Constructors is working alongside American company, Castle Golf, which has been designing and building custom miniature golf courses and parks for nearly 50 years. Tod Thornton of Castle Golf explains how the company became involved with TLCAG:

“We previously worked with The Lost City Adventure Golf owner, Lane Scott, to develop his first site in Nottingham – and were delighted to be asked to be support him as he brings this innovative entertainments concept home to Belfast.

“From player-triggered special effects to a captivating and unique theme, The Lost City Adventure Golf site in Belfast will engage the senses of players – young and old, alike. For us, it’s not just about the game, it’s the whole experience delivered through our global knowledge and commitment to an innovative, high-quality build.”

The Lost City Adventure Golf Belfast is the brainchild of local owner/operators Lane Scott and Barry Hobson. With the build programme nearing completion, Lane Scott, said:

“Together, Best Constructors and Castle Golf are responsible for creating the setting for two 18-hole indoor courses which will be a first for Northern Ireland. Our Nottingham venture has exceeded all expectations since opening five years ago and we are confident local visitors here will be treated to an unparalleled experience when we open our doors this Christmas.”