Spokane, WA

The Ability to deliver high quality service and product has been the mission statement of Castle Golf since its conception some 40 years ago. In 1993 Castle Golf designed and built an outdoor 18 hole and an indoor 18-hole miniature golf course for Wonderland Family fun Center in Spokane WA. After 27 steady years of business the owner contacted Castle Golf for ideas to enhance the course. During the downturn of the economy 2007-2008 Castle Golf began doing more remodel/rehab work on miniature golf courses and at the year 2020 Castle Golf has excelled at remodel/rehab work bringing old projects back to thriving businesses. The Spokane facility was in above average condition but a few minor tweaks to the course will lessen maintenance costs and give guests new golf holes to play and add better experiences. Better experiences add $’s to the bottom line. Before and after pics to come soon!