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The importance of UX in Amusement Design

User experience (UX) refers to a person’s attitudes and emotions towards a particular product or service. It includes many aspects of the interaction between the system and its users such as the users’ perceptions of the system’s ease of use, efficiency and usefulness. UX is therefore a subjective, dynamic quantity that depends on the system as well as the context of its usage.

From Start to Finish:
Skull Island Meets Bass River

bass river mini golf

Skull Island, a name suggested by a young player to Lou Nickinello, the owner, was built in 2002. It replaces a miniature golf facility built 30 years previously by Lou’s father. As you browse through our web site you will occasionally see excerpts from the artist rendering of this course during the design phase.

Indoor Abroad:
The First of Many in Sweden

Sweden Mini Golf Course Builder

Paradise Adventure Golf Taby Centrum opened its doors in December of 2016 and captures a huge audience of players during the Christmas and New Year's holidays. We’ve been working with the owner of this center since May of 2013 and this is Castle Golf’s first Adventure Golf design and build in Sweden! We were thrilled to work with the owner to build their “flagship” course in Sweden with plans to build more throughout the country.

Introducing a Mini Golf Game Changer

mini golf app

We are very excited to introduce the mini golf app to our customers in the US. Developed in the UK by an app development team in conjunction with Chris Richards (European Agent for Castle). We think the app will be of serious interest to owners of mini golf courses. The app becomes your app and is tailored to your courses, your branding and your holes. We can even provide the Castle Golf designs of your holes to personalise your app with hole graphics and bring these to life, enhancing the player experience with animations. Not only does this makes the players experience interactive, but with the integrated loyalty system you will have the players coming back for more.

How family entertainment centers can jump to multiple locations

family entertainment multiple locations

“People think that if you do one thing well, it’s easy to ride on past successes,” Jonah Sandler says. “But there are so many pieces. It takes a strong personal desire to want to grow and a commitment from your team to build and continue to learn. Plus, you certainly need to ensure the financing is in place and your cash flow can sustain it because there will be delays. It’s not for everyone.”


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