8 Ways to Promote Your Miniature Golf Course to the Community

Are you waffling on the idea of investing in a miniature golf course? A miniature golf course makes your venue more attractive to local clientele. There are many ways that you as a business owner can contribute to your community by building a mini golf course. But the benefit of the relationship is mutual. Once you see all the ways you can promote your mini golf course to the community, you’ll quickly realize the profit potential of this fun and wholesome entertainment feature.

1. Promote as a Team Building Exercise

Companies are continually looking for ways to bring employees together. Team building is an important element of a well-functioning work environment. When the entirety of the employee pool operates with uniformity, the company prospers. When employees are at odds with one another, profits suffer. You can help local businesses and make money by marketing your miniature golf course as a fun and effective way to promote team building. Company departments can compete with one another for prizes or bragging rights. For best results, allow the company to reserve your mini golf course for the day.

2. Hire Out Your Miniature Golf Course for Kids’ Birthday Parties

With the addition of a just a few extras, you can have a profitable children’s birthday party destination with your mini golf course. For a set fee, supply all the birthday party pieces, like balloons, plates, napkins, and party gifts for the guests. You could arrange with a local caterer to supply cake and ice cream. You’d only need to invest in some long tables and seating, plus a simple music system and some festive lighting. Alternatively, you can just rent out your facility for the day, and allow parents to arrange for their own accoutrements, food and beverages.

3. Provide a Fundraising Facility

Good Samaritans are always in need of willing facilities to host fundraising efforts. If you market your mini golf course as a suitable place for fundraising, your community will be grateful and you’ll build a loyal clientele base. All you have to do is be willing to rent out your facility for an afternoon or evening at a reasonable cost, and allow the good Samaritans to run the show to collect money for their charitable cause.

4. Host a Dedicated Teen Night

Teens in every community are always seeking places where they are welcome to hang out with each other without being accused of loitering. Why not cash in on this lucrative demographic by hosting a dedicated teen night one day a week? You can choose a night that is typically slow, like Monday night. Provide a soft drink and snack counter, modern music and funky mood lighting to attract the teens in the area. Your miniature golf course will be known as a wholesome destination for teens who want to socialize in an inexpensive and non-intimidating environment.

5. Introduce a Loyalty Scheme

Your customers can use our endorsed app, which has a loyalty scheme already built in. The app, customized to your own mini golf course, provides a fun way for your players to keep track of scores, enjoy animations and tips for every hole on your mini course, and have a friendly competition with other players through the leaderboard and star ratings system in the app. The clever thing about this app is that it helps to build a close, pocket community within the larger community where you do business.

6. Encourage the Sharing of Selfies Using Selfie Photo Ops

People love taking selfies and sharing them on social media. When you provide awesome selfie ops at select spots around your course, you passively encourage the organic promotion of your mini golf course to the community. You could name each photo opp a “Selfie Break” and provide interesting backdrops, fun plywood stands where the person’s face is visible only through a hole, or pre-planned humorous photo bombs with the help of mini course employees.

7. Bring in the Talent

People in your community will flock to your miniature golf course if you bring in some celebrity talent every now and then. You don’t have to ask Tiger Woods to visit your enterprise; a local celebrity will do. Examples include a local radio station DJ, who can spin tunes while your guests play, a popular weather station girl, the newest high school prom king and queen, a local politician, or a visiting alumni who has made a name for himself. Ask your celebrity to deliver a small speech and perhaps answer questions or sign autographs for eager fans.

8. Host a Dedicated Teen Night

Both children and adults like to dress up. You can attract community members by having the occasional theme night and holding a small contest for the best costume. The prizes can be a free night of mini golf, or a two for one offer. Is there a new super hero movie opening up next weekend? Have customers dress in their favorite superhero costume. Is Halloween around the corner? Provide treats for all the kids who arrive in costume.

These ideas for promoting your miniature golf course to the community can be implemented in any size town or city. Whether your town’s population is 1,000 or 100,000, you and your customers will soon see the value of your investment in a miniature golf course.